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ZIFdatabase is a web-based application developed by The Centre for International Peace Operations (ZIF), ZIF gGmbH, Berlin, Germany. The ZIFdatabase application was created as part of the German Federal Foreign Office’s 'Open Source Initiative'.

ZIFdatabase allows external applicants and experts to access, enter and manage their profile data wherever and whenever they wish in a highly secure environment. It also provides ZIF's HR and training employees with the data they need to do their work. These departments use ZIFdatabase to manage expert profiles and plan and implement training activities. They also use it to help with mission management. The layout of ZIFdatabase is largely based on ZIF’s own corporate design.

ZIFdatabase can run in any up-to-date browser, such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later. Using older browser versions may lead to graphical errors. For security reasons, we recommend that you always use the latest version of your browser. If you use ZIFdatabase on a shared computer, we strongly recommend clearing your browser’s history/cache/personal data when you finish using the application. Using a resolution lower than 1024x768 will result in display problems.

We are always hard at work testing and improving ZIFdatabase in order to fix bugs and provide you with the most up-to-date application we can. However, should you run into any problems accessing or using ZIFdatabase, please send as detailed a description of the problem as you can (with a screenshot if possible) to

We hope you enjoy using ZIFdatabase.

Yours, the ZIFdatabase team.