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Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
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The Berliner Zentrum für Internationale Friedenseinsätze (Center for International Peace Operations) is a German government agency dedicated to provide, place and train civilian experts for international peace operations and election observation mis-sions. In order to be able to respond to the demand of the German government and international organisations such as the European Union (EU), Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and United Nations (UN), ZIF maintains the ZIF expert roster. ZIF uses a web-based application with a database called ‘ZIFdatabase’ to manage and administer its expert roster and training activi-ties. The Terms and Conditions (A.) define how to become and remain a member of the ZIF expert roster. The Privacy Policy (B.) regulates the collection and processing of the data an applicant and/or member of the ZIF expert roster shares with ZIF.

A. Terms and Conditions

1. Purpose of the ZIF expert roster
The purpose of the ZIF expert roster is to maintain an up-to-date roster of qualified and carefully selected professionals who meet the demand of fast and targeted de-ployment to international peace operations and election observation missions. The requests for personnel come either directly from international organisations like the EU, OSCE and UN or through the German Federal Foreign Office. Depending on the different recruitment methods and requirements of the international organisations, experts can apply for long- or short-term deployments on contracted positions themselves, or they will be nominated by ZIF to seconded positions due to the data they have saved in the ‘ZIFdatabase’. ZIF organises the application procedure in close cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office or supports experts from its expert roster with the application procedure. In any case the final decision on the deployment lies with the international organisations.

2. Requirements for an application to the ZIF expert roster
In line with requirements for different professional categories in peacekeeping and crisis management missions, ZIF has determined a set of generic criteria against which all applications are evaluated. These include:

  • University degree or other relevant training
  • Multi-year relevant work experience (international)
  • Possibly previous exposure to crisis situations
  • Fluent German and English
  • Very good command of French, Spanish, Portuguese or Arabic for Election Observation
  • Excellent interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Very good physical and psychological condition
  • Driving licence and experience (class: 3/B)
  • Computer skills (MS Office)
  • Availability on short notice, flexible and mobile

3. Access to the ‘ZIFdatabase’ and admission process to the expert roster

3.1. Online Application
Persons of at least 18 years of age are eligible to apply to the ZIF expert roster by establishing their individual profile in the ‘ZIFdatabase’. All the information relevant for the evaluation of the application as well as for deployment or training can be saved in the ‘ZIFdatabase’ profile. First the applicant needs to register to the ‘ZIFdatabase’ by filling in personal data (name, date of birth, place of birth, emailadress) and the roster she/he wants to apply for. It should be noted that each applicant can only apply for either election observation or peace operations. It is not possible to make more than one registration or application under the same user name. The user name will be stored and can no longer be changed. After registration to the 'ZIFdatabase', a link will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail address. By clicking on this link, the validity of the applicant’s e-mail address is verified and access to the applicant’s profile is approved. The access of the applicant to the 'ZIFdatabase' application is protected by a password which must include at least seven characters and at least one special character. With regard to the user name and the password, the system distinguishes between UPPERCASE and lowercase characters. The applicant can log in to manage his/her profile by entering a valid user name and password. The applicant him/herself may create a new password at any time. After completing the profile (basic personal data, CV, motivation statement), the applicant approves the release of her/his data by accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. The applicant may amend or update her/his profile any time, except for selected sections which can only be amended by ZIF. All information provided by the applicant or expert must be truthful and must be supported by valid certificates or documents upon request. The applicant/expert shall be obliged to update his/her profile to reflect recent relevant and professional information.

3.2. Application screening
Given a positive initial screening by ZIF, additional information will be requested about work experience, professional development, linguistic abilities, and other rele-vant skills. The screening of further information might be completed by a telephone interview concerning the applicant’s motivation and mobility and a written test. Where applicable ZIF will contact the referee. After this procedure a decision will be taken on whether to invite the applicant to take part in the ZIF Core Course Peace Operations / the Short Term Election Course.

3.3. Obligatory Core Course
Experts who intend to enter the ZIF expert roster are obliged to participate in the Core Course Peace Operations or in the Short Term Election Course. The course invitations are sent out prior to the specific course. In exceptional cases, ZIF can de-cide on rostering an expert without attending a ZIF training course. In such cases, in which applicants present specific and/or extensive field or institutional experience, ZIF will apply an individualised, fast track screening procedure.

3.4. Expert Roster
After the applicant’s participation in the ZIF Core Course, ZIF will conduct a compe-tency based interview. This is followed by the final decision on the admission of the applicant to the expert roster. Additional information and qualifications may be re-quested after the applicant has been accepted into the roster and shall be verified by ZIF after submission of supporting documents.

3.5. Special Sub-Rosters
Selected experts are assigned to sub-rosters according to types of assignment and professional specialization. Sub-rosters include:

  • Civilian expert roster
  • Election observation
  • Young Professionals
  • Justice Rapid Response
In the password-protected member area of the ZIF website, registered members of the roster have access to information about vacant positions in international peace operations in which the German Federal Foreign Office is interested to second per-sonnel.

4. Duration of membership and exclusion from the expert roster
In general once accepted to the ZIF expert roster the membership is unlimited. It can be ended by each party at any time. A member can end its membership by deleting his/her profile in the ‘ZFIdatabase” and by informing the respective ZIF desk officer. Limitations of the membership arise if a member has not logged into his/her profile for six months. In this case ZIF may archive the member’s profile and this member can no longer be nominated to international assignments. Archived profiles may be reactivated by ZIF at any time upon request of the member. However profiles which have remained in the archive for more than five years will be automatically and irreversibly deleted by the system. If a member deletes his/her profile from the ‘ZIFdatabase” he/she is automatically excluded from the ZIF expert roster and has to apply to become a member again. Furthermore ZIF can exclude members from the ZIF expert roster without further no-tice or justification. ZIF will do so in the following circumstances, whereas this list is not exhaustive.

  • The expert has not been deployed by an international organisation for a time period of 15 years, although he/she was available and applied for a deploy-ment or was nominated for such by ZIF.
  • An essential requirement is missing (see paragraph 2 of the terms and condi-tions) or other major limitations e.g. a permanent lack of availability occur.
  • No sufficient relevant vacancies for the expert in the field of international peacekeeping operations.
  • The international organisation or the foreign office ends the deployment pre-maturely, although the position is still vacant and the expert still available, for reasons the expert is responsible for.
  • Occurrence of a complaint against the behaviour, the capabilities or the quali-fications of the expert due to which further deployment is not possible any-more.

4. Legal claims
There is no right or entitlement whatsoever on part of an applicant or expert to be accepted for the ZIF expert roster or for a ZIF training programme. Accordingly, ZIF will not provide any justification on the decision taken.

5. Responsibility for content
The applicant/expert shall be obliged to keep his/her profile updated. The appli-cant/expert him/herself shall be responsible for the content made available to the 'ZIFdatabase'. Content which violates ethical standards, particularly through porno-graphic, illicit or inappropriate political and/or religious content, must not be entered. ZIF, however, assumes no liability for such infringements.

6. Obligations of the ZIF expert roster member
Entering his/her profile does not constitute an obligation on part of the applicant to participate in a training course or to be deployed in a peace operation or election observation mission.

7. Applying for a training course only
Interested international and German applicants may decide to apply for participation in a ZIF training programme without becoming a member of the ZIF expert roster, preferably through the institutional cooperation of their employer with ZIF. The appli-cants also have to register to the ‘ZIFdatabase’. They are asked to enter a set of basic data and upload a CV plus a motivation statement. ZIF Training will review the application and contact the applicant. If admitted to a ZIF training programme a fee has to be paid contributing towards the cost of the training.

8. Changes
ZIF reserves the right to modify or supplement the Terms and Conditions at any time.

B. Privacy Policy

1. Applicable legislation
ZIF places utmost importance on the protection of personal data. The collection and processing of the data pursuant to article 3 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesesetz) provided to ZIF by the applicant/expert shall be carried out according to the standards set by legal directives for data protection and security in Germany.

2. Purpose of the data collection and processing
The data in the 'ZIFdatabase' shall be used exclusively for the purpose of :

  1. reviewing applications for the ZIF expert roster,
  2. managing training activities,
  3. processing nominations and deployments of experts and
  4. for statistical use.
Any other use of the data shall always require prior approval by the expert.

3. Stored data

  1. Personal data
  2. Application activities
  3. Log in
In addition to the data in the ‘ZIFdatabase’, ZIF keeps an individual file on each ap-plicant. The file contains the documents the applicant sent to ZIF to verify the data which she or he entered into the ‘ZIFdatabase’.

4. Data access
The ‘ZIFdatabase’ is accessed through certified and encrypted SSL and through special identification with a user name and a password. Each user may read and change only his or her own profile. As for ZIF, only authorized staff in Human Re-sources and Training and the system administrators shall have access to the data.

5. Security mechanisms
The data provided through the application, including uploaded files, shall be pro-cessed by ZIF internal servers. ZIF shall protect the data against unauthorized use and loss by way of suitable technical and organizational safeguards.

6. Data processing
Within the scope of the purpose of data collection and processing according to parapraph 1 of the data policy ZIF shares the data with

  • the respective ministries of the German government, especially the Federal Foreign Office and
  • international organizations such as EU, OSCE and UN tasked with recruiting, deploying and supporting personnel for peace operations and election obser-vations.
By doing so personal data is shared with bodies in other member states of the EU, bodies in other contracting states of the European Economic Area, bodies of the Eu-ropean Union and bodies outside the aforementioned area according to article 4b paragraph 1 of the German Federal Data Protection Act. The sharing of personal data with other parties, including relevant agencies in crisis prevention, requires prior approval by the expert.

7. Deletion and archiving of data in the ‘ZIFdatabase’
Each user may - irreversibly - delete his or her profile from the ‘ZIFdatabase’ at any time. His/her file at ZIF will be deleted accordingly. The database is programmed in such a way that it sends automatic reminders by email to members who have not logged into their profiles for six months. If there is no response ZIF may archive the member’s profile. Profiles which have remained in the archive for more than five years will be automatically and irreversibly deleted by the system.

8. Right to information and inspection of files
The applicant and member of the roster is entitled to the right of information and in-spection of data stored at ZIF according to the German Freedom of Information Act (Informationsfreiheitsgesetz) and the German Federal Data Protection Act

9. Changes
Insofar as data protection laws and regulations are subject to changes or amend-ments, ZIF reserves the right to modify or supplement its privacy policy.

Berlin, 24. August 2012